New to Revive Adserver

New to Revive Adserver? We will help you out in Installing Revive Adserver in your server along with plug-ins on your demand and We will train you to use the software more effectively to increase your revenue.


mJAX mobile ads for Revive Adserver

mJAX mobile ads is used for delivering ads in handset devices effectively based on handset device screen size targeting functionality so there is an increased more attraction on advertiser products. It helps you to deliver the ads to right auidence at anytime and anywhere. Learn More>>


dJAX Ad network for Revive Adserver

The dJAX Ad network package for Revive Adserver adds the self management features and the billing functionalities like any other Ad network to the Revive Adserver. It was designed with the needs of publishers, advertisers of ad networks in Consideration. Learn More>>


dJAX Ad Server for Revive Adserver Publishers

The dJAX Ad Server Package for Publishers adds the self management features for the Advertisers and the billing functionalities like any other Ad network. It was designed with the needs of publishers in Consideration to automatism of the system and reduces the Manual work. Learn More>>


vJAX Video Adnetwork

vJAX Video Adnetwork is a Video Ad Network/ Video Ad Platform that provides an unique opportunity to run ads alongside video content and enables advertisers to connect their message to a massive, engaged audience. vJAX delivers the Ads based on the targeting Models set by the Advertisers / agencies. Learn More>>


AffiJAX Affiliate Adnetwork

AffiJAX is a adnetwork focused and providing an advertising service to access multiple ad networks in one location. AffiJAX is an affiliate ad-network which allows you to independently manage and optimize customers ad-network. AffiJAX connects with multiple indpendent ad-networks. It offers the most flexible and easy-to-use platform that enables scalable rich media advertising network across the most popular mobile devices and platforms. Learn More>>


Problem Resolution Service

Things don't always work out first time. Experts to turn to when things don't go according to plan.

One of our added feature is the Disaster Recovery Service. The records are the key value of your revenue and so it is necessary to take care of your records. If your statistics is not working , then the number of clicks and impressions are not stored. In these kinds of problem, we recover the disaster with high priority.