About Revive Adserver Services

Dreamajax Technologies Pvt Ltd contains a pool of Experts who works on Revive Adserver for past one year and We are able to provide Installation, Upgradation, Customization and Plug-ins for the Revive Adserver.

Customer satisfaction is our key goal and our experts provide consulting to the clients for each and every step of Revive Adserver Operations to use it efficiently and to earn added revenue.

ReviveAdServices.com has provided requirement based customization solutions to a number of Revive Adserver clients across the globe. Some of the Key Implementations for Revive Adserver include:

dJAX Ad network

Developed a customized Billing System integration, Automatic filteration of lower converting CTR banners and customized statistics report for advertiser and publisher for their Revive Adserver. Supplied the dJAX Ad network package with postgreSQL as backend and implemented ad format.

Implemented the Ad format with dJAX Ad network package as footer ad and siteskin ad. After having dJAX Ad network Package installed, anyone can get started with their Online Advertising business directly.

mJAX Ad network

Customized and implement the mJAX adnetwork package with multi-support banner size for mobile devices. It supports PayPal and Credit Cards payment for the advertisers to purchase the inventory and so your Advertisers can instantly make payments and start advertising.

Designed and developed the mJAX adnetwork package and deployed the package to this client.mJAX Mobile Ad network allows the advertiser and Publisher to independently manage and optimize their Inventory.

Customized and implement the mJAX adnetwork package with postgreSQL as backend.

mJAX Mobile UI

Sosmart is one of the leading mobile advertising company in Vietnam, we have supplied the mJAX Mobile Ad network UI package and implemented some customized module to delivery the ads in Mobile. It allows the advertiser and Publisher to independently manage and optimize their Inventory. User friendly UI plugin for mobile ad serving.

Designed and developed the mJAX Mobile Ad network UI package and provided some customized modules for this client. The revenues and CTR has increased upto 3 times for their advertisers. Mobengage a San Francisco based client.

Developed and implemented the mJAX Mobile Ad network UI package and client reach out to this extensive audience across devices through our mobile Ad network.

vJAX Adnetwork

Solutionshed is one of the leading advertising company, we have supplied the vJAX Ad network UI package and implemented some customized module to delivery the ads in Video and support with JW player. It allows the advertiser and Publisher to independently manage and optimize their Inventory. User friendly UI plugin for video ad serving.


Implemented a customized report for administrator to enable more options to view in the statistics. Implemented additional permission for the Advertisers and as well as for the Administrator users. Implemented the Network level and group all the websites under the Affiliates / Administrators and the statistics are viewed in the terms of network level.

Supplied several customized modules for this client. Some significant modules among them are to track the Unique clicks and impressions which adds the features to the Advertisers and to control the Fraud Clicks.

Developed a customized signup and the Billing System for their Revive Adserver. The Billing system contains two different types of payment. The inventory can be purchased as the product with number of impressions and clicks and also the users can have subscription basic for the inventories.

Developed a customized module to track the Rich media Interaction time. The module calculates the interaction time of the users with the flash banner and displays the details in the statistics.

Thiscity.com is generally holds the information about all fields. We have implemented the Ad System, Advanced Search with the search placement rules and created the Admin control panel for the Ad System. The Ad System supports two types of users namely, free users and the professional users. The user privilleges are limited based on the type of users.


ReviveAdServices delivered timely, reliable, and very useful modifications to Revive Adserver advertising software, utilizing comprehensive understanding of the existing software, making modifications that met the needs of our business and that were delivered on time.

Rob R.,founder , CTO at real time matrix corporation

ReviveAdServices team did an excellent job, and on schedule. They have extensive knowledge of Revive Adserver and php. I am already talking to them about future projects.

Tom P.,Owner at Parker Marketing Solutions

"We have hired ReviveAdServices on a number of occasions, which first started off with his mJax Mobile plugin for our Revive Ad Service. We have run into very few issues with this and when we have had issues all issues were resolved very quickly. The support and level of support that the company has provided has been second to none. As well with the plugin we purchased we have also hired them to develop a number of other additional features for this plugin, as well purchase additional functionality that they have added. We still work with them closely and are looking forward to working with them closely in the future."

David B.,Managing Director at Peekaboo TV

"Our startup required innovative customizations to a turnkey ad server which we did not have the skills in house to carry out. Dreamajax team at ReviveAdServices took on the challenge, providing a range of solutions which remain a key element in our core product today. I highly recommend Dreamajax Technologies team at ReviveAdServices for Revive Adserver customization."

Dan H.,IT Consultant, Audiovisual Artist

We purchased a number of mods to achieve the perfect Revive Adserver advertiser functionality. During this process "ReviveAdServices.com" provide great support and even created a custom mod which is now available for sale on this site. Advertisers can now signup, create their campaigns, upload banners and make payments. Everything is completely automated without admin or default user intervention.

"Great mods and helpful service from a professional company who understands the Revive Adserver product."

Clive Roberts

After installing Revive Adserver I was more than shocked that it cannot track unique clicks and visitors, for me that was the whole purpose and the most essential part of the entire program. I was deeply disappointed. Until I found ReviveAdServices that is. Once I found the script that ReviveAdServices created that allows you to track unique clicks and visitors inside Revive Adserver was thrilled! Finally, I can now split-test my ads and dramatically increase conversions and clicks throughout my entire website. Tracking and testing is the most important factor in increasing the revenue from your website. ReviveAdServices makes that possible.

Miles Baker