dJAX Game ads plugin

dJAX Game ads plugin combines In-game ads and Flash game ads delivery as the billboard Ads or a commercial during the pause created when a game loads respectively, or highly integrated within the game so that the advertised product seems to be the complete part of the game. dJAX game ads plugin allows the advertiser to reach a wide audience across multiple games in different publisher sites.

In Game Ads

In-game ads platform supports for PS3 or Xbox 360, Wii U. It's easier for the developers to create the game in this platform and we can deliver the fast-paced game play and glorious visuals plays demand of their game.

For In-game ads, advertiser will provide the SDK plugin as downloadable, which will support the publisher to setup the SDK with their game console and deliver the ads in billboard Ads that appear in games as a console environment.

Ads contain more extensive and typically messaging then Logo Ads and the messaging may appear as text, pictorial and graphic within them.

An example of Ads would be product billboards that appear in a car racing game as the driver/User navigates around the track. Logo Ads rely on relatively simple graphic visuals, and generally serve to reinforce other advertising messaging, such as branding, in some way.

We can set up the customized banner and zone size. For In-game ads, Ad impression will be provided in the statistics.

The Game Developer/Programmer/Publisher creates the billboards in the video games that will contain our advertisements.

Flash Game Ads

For Flash game ads, we can generate the invocation code to deliver the ads.

The flash game ads in website delivers in Pre-roll / overlay Ad Format with Ad impression, Click and Conversion will be reported in the statistics. The Banner display time during the Game load can be Customizable.

We have the separate Invocation tag to deliver the ads .

Characteristics of dJAX Game ads
  • Standard ad sizes and units and the custom sizes also allowed
  • Geo-graphic targeting
  • High Interactive Ads
  • Statistics and the Reports are available
  • Easy to target a particular according to the Game Genre
  • Game ads can enhance the visual appeal and impact of your online advertisements
  • Easy to embed Game banner ads into your websites

dJAX Game ads plugin $ 1600.00
$ 1200.00