dJAX Game Adserver

dJAX Game Adserver comprises both In-game ads and Flash game ads.

In-game ads are delivered as billboard Ads and they are highly integrated within the game so that the advertised product seems to be the complete part of the game. Flash game ads are delivered as commercials during the pause when a game loads. dJAX Game Adserver allows the advertiser to reach wide range of audience across multiple games in different publisher sites. It helps you to deliver the right ads to the right audience - anytime and anywhere. These ads are highly extensible and easy to integrate into any existing internal infrastructure.

dJAX Game Adserver allows the advertiser and Publisher to independently manage and optimize their Inventory.

In Game Ads

In-game ad platform supports PS3 or Xbox 360, Wii U. It would be easier for the developers to create game in this platform and we can deliver the ads in fast-paced game play and high Visual play demand of their game.

For In-game ads, advertiser will provide the SDK plug-in as downloadable, which will support the publisher to setup the SDK with their game console and deliver the ads in billboards that appear in games as a console environment.

Ads contain typically messaging Logo Ads and the messaging may appear as textual, Pictorial and graphical within them.

An example of Ads would be the product billboards that appear in a car racing game as the driver/user navigates around the track. Logo Ads rely on relatively simple graphic visuals, and generally served to reinforce other advertising messages, such as branding, in some way.

We can set up the customized banner and zone size. For In-game ads, Ad impression will be provided in the statistics.

The Game Developer/Programmer/Publisher creates the billboards in the video games that will contain our advertisements.

Flash Game Ads

For Flash game ads, we can generate the invocation code to deliver the ads.

The flash game ads in the website are delivered as Pre-roll / overlay Ad Format with Ad impressions, Clicks and Conversions reported in the statistics section. The Banner display time during the Game load is Customizable.

We have separate Invocation tag to deliver the ads.


  • Standard ad sizes and units & also capable of Custom ad sizes
  • Geo-graphic targeting
  • High Interactive Ads
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Easy to target a particular set of audience according to the Game Genre
  • Game ads can enhance the visual appeal and impact of your online advertisements
  • Easy to embed Game banner ads into your websites

Statistics and Reports

  • Real Time Statistics Report
  • Websites performance for Advertisers
  • Customized Statistics Report for Advertisers & Publishers
  • Monthly Statistics Report

Template Engine Support

    Users can choose their own template with the available library or we can instantly work out template based on user requirement. This will benefit the user to customize their screens based on line of business.

Dynamic Alert System

    This product is equipped with a dynamic alert system which will help in prompting both advertisers and publishers on the happenings within the network. This in addition gives them an opportunity to take decisions based on the market in a real time scenario and also acts as an instant communicator within the ad network.

Analytics and Reports

    The Statistics are being generated for the following terms like impressions, Clicks, conversions, Advertiser Spend, Publisher Share and Admin Revenue. Game Ad server statistics are imported from ad exchanges using corresponding API with certain period of time like weekly, monthly or specific date range.

Reliable Payment System

    Advertiser is provided with both Prepaid and Post paid payment options which would help in planning their budget. Easy environment for both advertisers to add their fund, handling spends, etc. Publishers are provided with a user friendly UI to track their commission payouts and so on.

Reliable Security Management System

    This package is integrated with security management system which analyses all possible fraud clicks and saves your time and money. You can customize it based on your requirement and it will act accordingly to detect the frauds and make you run the business independently without any breakups.

Maximum Number of Impressions per Game-Play Session

    It specify and disclose any policies concerning a maximum number of ad impressions allowable per game-play Session (for example, one hundred impressions per Session), regardless of the number of Client-Users involved in the Session.

Maximum Number of Impressions over Game-Play Session Time

    It specify and disclose if a maximum number of ad impressions allowable over time during a lengthy game-play Session exists (for example, a maximum of 25 impressions per hour), regardless of the number of Client-Users involved in the Session.

Billing and Payment System

  • Publisher can view the Billing details and can request for the Payment.
  • PayPal payment gateway is integrated to the system.

UI Level Features

Administrator features of our dJAX Game Adserver,

  • Manage advertisers and publishers inventory (Campaigns, Banners and Zones)
  • Limit the storage size of banners
  • Advanced Graphical Charts to view the statistical report

Advertiser features of our dJAX Game Adserver,

  • Manage Campaigns and Banners
  • Duplicate Campaigns and Banners with previous settings
  • Performance Report shows Unique Impressions and Unique Clicks with filters options.
  • View Statistics and export to excel with customized filters
  • Reports in Graphical chart format.