mAudi Telco Targeting Module

mAudi Telco Targeting Module is an advanced Module and highly useful for the Advertisers for who wants to target their ads on mobile based on Telecom Operator wise. To achieve higher engagement rates, recommends that advertisers use the Telecom verticals and go with more sophisticated audience targeting methods like Carrier or Telco targeting.

mAudi Telco Targeting Module

This Module will work with the mJAX mobile Ads Module as the Add-on and it helps to target the Audience based on the IP of the carrier. This will be the precision method of targeting and It is completely depends on the IP values set by the Admin.

The Admin can add the Mobile Carriers to the System and this will be available for the Advertisers to set for their Banners and the banners will be delivered appropriately.

mAudi Telco Targeting module is compatible with the other targeting limitations that are available with the mJAX Mobile Ads Module.


Special Combo Offer

mJAX mobile ads Module + mAudi Telco Targeting Module $ 2150.00


mJAX is a superb plugin and has catapulted our box standard version of Revive Adserver into the mobile era! ReviveAdServices team have been on hand every step of the way to ensure that the integration of the plugin has fitted into the unique requirements and business needs. Thanks ReviveAdServices and keep up the great work!.

Ashley C., Global Business Development at Twistbox Entertainment Cyprus
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ReviveAdServices team are really doing laurels, mJAX mobile ads is revolutnizing the Mobile VAS advertising market. We have been using some other technology for serving mobile ads but since the time we have switched to mjax mobile ads, our revenues and CTR has increased upto 3 times and our advertisers are happy with the performance. Dreamajax Team needs a sincere thanks from me and my team.

siddhant S., Owner at RitSan Technologies.
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This is a good plugin for basic mobile ad serving.

Minh N., Founder & MD at AKA Digital
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Fantastic Plugin to deliver Mobile Ads on the Revive AdServer platform, with variation of limiting to specific mobile carriers and specific handsets.

David B., Managing Director at Peekaboo TV
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