mJAX mobile ads for Revive Adserver

mJAX mobile ads is used for delivering ads in handset devices effectively based on handset device screen size targeting functionality so there is an increased more attraction on advertiser products. It helps you to deliver the ads to right auidence at anytime and anywhere.

mJAX Mobile Ads for Revive Adserver

Our product enables companies to offer digital and mobile services on-demand. Advertising Agencies, Brands, Media companies and enterprises use mJAX mobile ads communication services to reach consumers. The mJAX mobile ads are highly extensible and easy to integrate into any existing internal infrastructure or website platform. It allows companies to quickly scale their mobile & interactive offerings through Rapid Application Deployment.


Characteristics of our mJAX mobile ads

  • The Image ads can be delivered in the Mobile from adserver.
  • The Web based ads are also supported in the same instance of the adserver.
  • The Banners are delivered based on the screen size of the Mobile.
  • Targeting based on Mobile Operating system included.
  • Included Different Targeting terminology based on the Mobile device parameters.
  • Statistics and the Reports are available for the Mobile Ads as similar to Web ads.
  • Target your ads to high-end devices (like Android and the iPhone) or all mobile phones.
  • Choose text or image ads in a variety of ad unit formats.
  • Send users to your website. High-end phone users enjoy a desktop quality view of your site, provided that the site does not use Flash.
  • View impressions, Clicks and conversion data to see how mobile ads drive actual results for your business.


  • Handset Device Screen Size Targeting
  • Handset Manufacturer Targeting
  • Handset Operating System Targeting
  • Handset Model Name Targeting
  • Telecom Operator Targeting
  • Client Custom Profile Targeting
  • Client – Country Targeting


Installing plugins in the Revive Ad Server is not hard, just follow the steps below.

  • You need to have your own Revive Ad Server installation. Adding plugins is not supported on Revive Adserver Hosted accounts.
  • The ability to add plugins was first introduced in version 2.8 of the Revive Adserver software. Older versions do not support plugins.

To install a new plugin in your Revive Ad Server, please check the requirements above, and then follow these steps:

  • Log in with a user name and password that gives you access to the Administrator account.
  • Click the “Plugins” tab to open an overview of all plugins currently installed in your Revive Adserver installation.
  • Once you have found and selected the file, you will be back in the Plugins screen.
  • Now click the “Install” button next to it.
  • The system will now check and install the new plugin.
  • Once the installation of the plugin is complete, the screen will refresh and you will see the new plugin appearing in the overview.

We can also install and configure the plugin in your server at extra cost.

Functional flow

  • The Module is implemented such that it will allow the users to deliver Image Ads to mobile in the websites.
  • The Admin will be provided with the option in the Admin panel of revive adserver to configure the Ad display option for the users.
  • Admin have to specify the four different types of handset screen width size as shown in the above picture.
  • Add mobile banner and mobile zone to deliver the Ads.


The Demo for the mobile ads with different targeting patterns is available with us and you can test the page in different device for the banner delivery.

Mobile ads Demo

  • Three months free support will be provided by us for the default functionalites.
  • Apart from the default functionality, We do customize the revive adserver Mobile Ads according to your requirement on chargeable basis.

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mJAX is a superb plugin and has catapulted our box standard version of Revive Adserver into the mobile era! ReviveAdservices team have been on hand every step of the way to ensure that the integration of the plugin has fitted into the unique requirements and business needs. Thanks ReviveAdservices and keep up the great work!.

Ashley C., Global Business Development at Twistbox Entertainment Cyprus
Linkedin Recommendation

ReviveAdservices team are really doing laurels, mJAX mobile ads is revolutnizing the Mobile VAS advertising market. We have been using some other technology for serving mobile ads but since the time we have switched to mjax mobile ads, our revenues and CTR has increased upto 3 times and our advertisers are happy with the performance. Dreamajax Team needs a sincere thanks from me and my team.

siddhant S., Owner at RitSan Technologies.
Linkedin Recommendation

This is a good plugin for basic mobile ad serving.

Minh N., Founder & MD at AKA Digital
Linkedin Recommendation

Fantastic Plugin to deliver Mobile Ads on the Revive Adserver platform, with variation of limiting to specific mobile carriers and specific handsets.

David B., Managing Director at Peekaboo TV
Linkedin Recommendation