dJAX Predictive Analytics for Revive

Have you been using djax Adnetwork package? Looking for analytics report which gives quick overlook of the entire system through various types of interactive charts?Look no further and choose our product to fulfill your needs.

Looking into database for analyzing data is a tedious and time consuming process.With our product one can get detailed analyzing report in elegantly designed UI level.

Djax Predictive Analytics for Revive showcases existing data in a much more user friendly manner through various types of charts and graphs,which makes users to understand the system quickly and also helps users to get a glimpse(brief view) of what the system does.

We have developed Predictive analytics report based on following data taken from Djax package.

With the help of interactive charts and tables,we have formatted the data in an elegant and visually appealing manner,which constantly makes user amazed and awe struck.

Analytics report helps to understand how the system performs,which is a much needed one for staying competitive in online advertising business and to reach the goal.

One can easily learn what precisely happening in the system,which helps to take any strategic decision if required in order to reinforce his/her online advertising business.

Analytics report can also be exported into excel format for further analyzing process.

Data included in Analytics Report:

Contextual Targeting:

 Top 10 keywords will get displayed on interactive charts based on date selection.One can able to analyze top 10 keywords for following periods.

With the help of top 10 keywords report, Advertiser can able to choose right keywords to target his/her ads.

We have also included a table to list down entire keywords in the system along with clicks and impressions.

Behavioural Targeting

Top 10 category will get displayed on interactive charts based on date selection.One can able to analyze top 10 category for following time periods.

Demographic Targeting

 Based on gender targeting,one can able to know percentage of male and female visits.

 Based on age targeting,top 10 banners which has more number of impressions will get displayed on interactive chart.

Advanced Unique clicks and Impressions

 Advanced unique clicks and impressions gurantees unique number of visitors to the system.Displaying unique clicks and impressions data on charts, helps to analyze number of unique visitors using the system.

One can able to analyze,Unique clicks and impressions for following time periods.

Country statistics:

 Geo chart highlights country with impressions and clicks,which helps to indentify his/her potential market.

Real time bidding:

 Interactive chart displays,Top five campaign which has high bid amount.

 Additionally,one can also analyze the amount earned for bidded campaign.Real time bidding report is available for following time period.

Advanced Anti Fraud Clicks:

 Advanced anti fraud clicks helps to track down fraud clicks,Putting this in analytic report will greatly help admin of the system to take stringent action over fraudsters.

 Interactive charts displays number of times fraud clicks occured along with IP address of the fraudster.

Top five Advertiser:

 Interactive chart displays,Top five advertiser based on revenue earned.Top five advertiser varies according to the date selection.

 Apart from charts,Table displays all advertisers in the system along with the revenue they earned.

Top five Publisher:

 Interactive chart displays top five Publishers based on number of active zone under each publisher.Top five Publishers varies according to the date selection.

 Apart from charts,Table displays all Publishers in the system along with the number of active zone.

Revenue Report for specific period:

 It shows overall amount earned by the system according to the date selection.With this report one can measure the potential of his/her system.

Billing module:

 With the help of interactive chart,based on date selection following information can be obtained.

    i) Total number of payments made.

   ii) Total number of active payments.

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