dJAX Real Time Bidding for Revive Adserver

Real Time bidding is a online advertising optimization technologies aimed at increasing the value of ad impressions by targeting users dynamically and on an impression-by-impression basis.

Advertisers can buy inventory across hundreds of thousands of sites and hundreds of millions of unique visitors globally, one impression at a time, in real time.

These real time ad exchanges also enable publishers to sell their inventory at higher rates one impression at a time.

Rather than simply passing one impression off to the next publisher adserver asks advertiser whether or not they want to show an ad at that given time, and if so, how much they are willing to pay.


When a user visits a Publisher Site, in the short time interval as the web page loads, this system select advertiser among the multiple advertisers for each impression on that page.

The advertisers bid for that impression based on the value of the user (demographic data), the contextual in which the ad is shown (About The site relevant content) and the type of ad unit (dimensions, delivery limitations).

Who paying the highest bid rate, the impression will own to their ads.


Publisher can sell each impression for advertiser's ads. They can set minimum bid rate for their zone.

This system will sell the impression for only the advertiser meet the minimum bid rate. Otherwise publisher can deliver their own ads.


  • Pay only for valuable users
  • Target suitable audience and makes more revenue with the less bid rate.
  • Get more revenue from the highest paying advertisers.

dJAX Real Time Bidding for Revive $ 850.00