Revive Adserver Installation

dJAX Adserver for Agencies

dJAX Adserver for Agencies is Adnetwork package used to deliver the ads on websites and handset devices effectively based on various targeting functionality so there is an increased more attraction on advertiser products. It helps you to deliver right ads to appropriate audience at anytime and anywhere. These ads are highly extensible and easy to integrate into any existing internal infrastructure or website platform.

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mJAX Adnetwork with Advanced UI

Adnetwork with advance UI have their own extra features and allow the users to have this environment as user-friendly UI. Customers & Advertising Clients can sign up directly on your Ad network to purchase Advertising in your Publisher's Websites. It supports PayPal and Credit Cards payment for the advertisers to purchase the inventory and so your Advertisers can instantly make payments and start advertising.

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AffiJAX Affiliate Adnetwork

AffiJAX is a global advertising marketplace. AffiJAX is an affiliate ad-network which allows you to independently manage and optimize customers ad-network. AffiJAX connects with multiple indpendent ad-networks. It offers the most flexible and easy-to-use platform that enables scalable rich media advertising network across the most popular mobile devices and platforms.

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dJAX Game ads plugin

dJAX Game ads plugin combines In-game ads and Flash game ads delivery as the billboard Ads or a commercial during the pause created when a game loads respectively, or highly integrated within the game so that the advertised product seems to be the complete part of the game. dJAX game ads plugin allows the advertiser to reach a wide audience across multiple games in different publisher sites.

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We provide different significant plug-ins that can be integrated with Revive Adserver for added functionalities. We also provide different types of Revive Adserver consulting according to Adserver users.

Other Services

For Revive Adserver users, We provide services to users of all past Revive Adserver versions get up and running to the latest version.

Service Basic  
Revive Adserver Installation(Single Instance) $ 50
Revive Adserver Distributed Setup Contact us for Quote
Revive Adserver Upgrade Contact us for Quote
Security and Vulnerability checks for Revive Adserver $ 300
Tuning and Code Optimization $ 300
Disaster Recovery Service (6 hours) $ 300