XML Feed Network - Integration

XML Feed Network connects various xml feed network into our ad server which are all have unique parameters for xml feeds responses. To fetch XML feeds from various networks based on publisher and convert the highest bided feed to a text ad and display it in a publisher website / provide separate XML feed generator features for publisher getting xml feeds from our ad server.

We can configure multiple feed networks by using their credentials with the limitatition for each network like, average impression, clicks so on.

XML feed generator API

XML feeds generator for publisher sharing our ad network text ads to 3rd party ad networks or ad server.This XML feed generator generate feed directly from third party / Ad network's advertiser text ads and lends to third party server with banner title, banner text,banner display url, beacon url,clickurl,bid and conversion tracking url.

For example ad request URL will look like this,
Ad Request : http://yourdominname.com/user_feed/index.php/api/request?pid={publisher id}&ip={ip address}&keyword={Search keyword}&maxcount={no results}&xtype={Internal/external}

Ad Formats: It Support only for text ads.

Report API

This API will lend reports (for the ads delivered using API only) like impression, clicks, conversions based on date, browser, country, keyword in formats like xml,json,csv,array and excel format to the other third party user.

For example , lending reports url will look like this,
Request :http://yourdomainname.com/user_feed/index.php/api/report?pid={publisher id}&xtype={Internal/external}startdate={yyyy-mm-dd}&enddate={yyyy-mm-dd}&groupby={date/browser/keyword/country}&format={xml/json/php/excel/csv}


  • 3rd party XML feed generator.
  • Create/ Modify any number of Feed Network.
  • Can Set Limitations for each feed network
  • Also we can manage/ track statistics for each feed from network based on dynamic ad request and its responses.
  • Every publisher will be mapped by the network admin to a group of feeds.
  • For example, Any publisher can be given 10 remote XML feeds, which bid against each other.

Limitation options

  • Average Requests per Day
  • Average Clicks per Day
  • Min CTR, %
  • Max CTR, %
  • Clicks Limit per Ad
  • Clicks Limit per Search
  • Clicks Limit per IP
XML Feed Network $ 2800.00
$ 2100.00