dJAX DSP Plugin

Demand Side Platform automates buying of online media advertising (Display, Mobile, and Video Ads) across many Ad Exchanges for “Advertisers”. This automation includes Ad pricing and Ad placements. DSPs provide a single platform for complete ad management from buyers side, from managing accounts in many ad exchanges, giving wide access to ad inventory by connecting publishers available on the ad exchanges, perform purchasing of best ad inventory and target soecific audiences with maximum accuracy using Real Time Bidding, to serving ads and optimizing them.

Basic DSP ecosystem:

Wide Access to Ad Inventory

DSP's performance is measured on its reach to the precise ad inventory that an advertiser needs for his creatives. dJAX DSP connects advertisers to more and many publishers giving access to all exchanges, both big and small and thus has access to the best and most desired ad inventories.

Efficiency through RTB

Programmatic Trading and Real Time Bidding are bringing in revolutions in ad campaigns. dJAX has built its DSP to cater to all needs to advertisers in running their ad campaign management, right from finding and bidding on right ad spaces to serving their ads on real time.

Reach through Audience Targeting

Advertisers can reach their precisely targeted audience in real time using dJAX superlative audience targeting technique providing details of consumer behaviour, purchase interests, surfing websites, location info etc.

Manipulating Data

DSP enables using data of third-party audiences to be available as prospects to data within RTB campaigns. Advertisers can easily identify how well these data can be used for their ad campaigning needs.

Easy-to-use and Support

DSPs streamline ad operations for advertisers, easily and efficiently. Besides, new advertisers and even experienced marketers have access to get support easily in setting up their campaigns or any other technical help.


dJAX DSP has broken the mould to make RTB available for all advertisers not just the big and the premium marketers.

dJAX DSP Plugin $ 2000.00