dJAX Ad Exchange Framework

dJAX Ad Exchange Framework is an open platform that provide tools for the Publishers or Agencies to integrate any number of Ad Exchanges thus fetching Real time revenues. The product allows the administrator to configure more than one third party ad exchanges like Revive adserver Market, Pubmatic, Google ads, etc. into dJAX ad exchange framework. This arrangement enables both getting inventory from other ad exchanges and sending ads to them. The dJAX Ad Exchange framework will be working based on global RTB system.

Using dJAX Ad Exchange Framework, you can set up your own independent Ad Exchange with Real Time Inventory of both Publishers and Advertisers.

dJAX Ad Exchange is a technology platform capable of Scaling to facilitate integrating other third party ad exchanges. Creating and Managing accounts in real time. NET-X Payment system for publisher's payments. Providing the Pass back Tracking system. Managing the House Ads.

Functions and Features:

Demand Side Platform

DSP is an online advertising platform that makes it easier for an advertiser to buy and sell online display advertising on multiple ad exchanges. Demand side platforms serve as a more efficient way for advertisers and brands to purchase ads from many different ad exchanges; every functionality will be centralized, including bidding and reporting.

DSP allows advertisers and brands to buy audiences rather than specific website ad placements through technology called real-time bidding. The advertiser then uses that targeting data to define what kind of person they want to target with their advertising and how much they are willing to pay per impression. Then the DSP bids on the ad impressions using that advertiser's criteria and budget, and serves the ads.

Supply Side Platform

SSP is a technological platform that allows publishers to access programmatic selling on ad exchanges and to optimize ad revenues and ad selling costs.

It also helps publishers maximize revenue by connecting publishers to new ad networks and bidding these against each other auction for ad impressions.

Global RTB

RTB represents a major evolution in the buying and selling of digital media.

RTB allows ad exchange to decide in real-time the value of an ad impression and decide whether or not to bid for that impression based on its value to their campaign.

It will handle the ad request and responses based on real time bid by auction from DSP's / various third party Ad Network (Revive adserver Market, Pubmatic, Google Ad Exchange, etc.) and within dJAX ad network.

Online publishers auction off their available ad inventory as an individual impression in real time via the ad exchange.

Advertisers or media buyers use the ad exchange to bid in real-time per impression.


Advertisers invest more & more on the newly launched products but if they don't target the right audience then they cannot sell the product however good the product would be; as the consumers look out only for their individual needs/interests. Better targeting brings us closer to the consumers by identifying their actual needs and requirements.

We have a variety of targeting techniques to target all types of users/buyers like Behavioral, Contextual, Re-Targeting and Audience and Geo Targeting.

Manage House Ads

Creates and manages House ads. A House ad refers to a self-promotional ad that a company runs on their own Web site or Network of Web sites to use space left from unsold inventory.

Pass back Tracking System

Tracks all the ad requests / Traffic information from each publisher and stores all the ad requests and their responses. This system will ensure 100% fill rate for all the ad requests.

Net-X Payment System

Generates invoices at the end of every month for each publisher based on their performance and payment settings. Admin will make payment to publishers via paypal, check and wire transfer. Allows Admin to verify the advertisers and publishers payment history monthly and overall.

Analytics and Reports

The Statistics are being generated for the following terms like impressions, Clicks, conversions, Advertiser Spend, Publisher Share and Admin Revenue. Ad Exchange statistics are imported from ad exchanges using corresponding API with certain period of time like weekly, monthly or specific date range.

Prices start from   $ 9999.00