dJAX Adserver for Publishers

dJAX Adserver for Publishers is Ad server package used for the website owners to manage or deliver the ads on their group websites and handset devices effectively based on various targeting functionality so there is an increased more attraction on advertiser products. It helps you to deliver right ads to appropriate audience at anytime and anywhere. These ads are highly extensible and easy to integrate into any existing internal infrastructure or website platform.

dJAX Adserver for Publishers allows the advertiser to independently manage and optimize their Inventory and Admin can manage his group of websites to deliver the ads.

When there is no or little registered advertiser with adserver, you can add Google Adsense code, Yahoo ad tag code, and also Ad tags from many ad exchanges. On the runtime, our ad server would display ads which would give the publisher more revenue and our revenue optimization algorithm choose the best ad in the back-end.

Ad server with advance UI have their own extra features and allow the users to have this environment as user-friendly UI. Advertising Clients can sign up directly on your Ad server to purchase Advertising in your websites. It supports PayPal and Credit Cards payment for the advertisers to purchase the inventory and so your Advertisers can instantly make payments and start advertising.

Advanced UI features

Administrator features of our dJAX Adserver for Publishers,

  • Manage advertisers and publishers inventory (Campaigns, Banners and Zones)
  • To Configure Anti Fraud Click System
  • To Setup Automatic filtering of banner according to Revenue or Profit
  • Advanced Graphical Charts to view the statistical report
  • Message Communication between advertiser and publisher

Advertiser features of our dJAX Adserver for Publishers,

  • Manage Campaigns, Banners and Mobile Banners
  • Duplicate Campaigns and Banners with previous settings
  • Performance Report shows Unique Impressions and Unique Clicks with filters options.
  • View Statistics and export to excel with customized filters
  • Invite and refer the friends for this adnetwork.
  • Reports in Graphical chart format.


Characteristics of dJAX Adserver for Publisher with UI,

  • Advanced Interface to the Advertisers and you can run the Ad network with the completely different UI.
  • Functions as a complete Ad network with all required features for advertisers and Publishers.
  • Budget Management and Payment details for Advertisers
  • Advanced Reporting and Statistics with graph
  • Supports Web and Mobile Ads formats

Statistics and Reports

  • Country Statistics
  • Account Statistics
  • Graph for statistics
  • Google maps for Geo Reports

Billing and Payment System

  • Advertiser can set the Budget for the Campaigns, Daily Limit for the Campaign and add the Fund to his account, when it goes below the minimum level.
  • The PayPal payment gate way is integrated to the system

Targeting Features

The Interface has the User friendly UI to manage the following targeting features associated with the dJAX Ad Server.

  • Desktop Targeting - Client Targeting (Browser, OS), Category targeting and Contextual targeting (Deliver ads based on multiple keywords)
  • Mobile Targeting - Device Targeting (OS , Manufacturer, capability), Telecom operator basic and Contextual Targeting (Deliver ads based on multiple keywords)
  • Delivery capping per visitor

Realtime Bidding

Real Time bidding is a online advertising optimization technologies aimed at increasing the value of ad impressions by targeting users dynamically and on an impression-by-impression basis.

  • Advertiser pay only for valuable users
  • Advertiser Target suitable audience and makes more revenue with the less bid rate.
dJAX Adserver for Publisher with UI $ 6800.00
$ 6500.00