dJAX SSP Plugin (OpenRTB API)

dJAX SSP Plugin (OpenRTB API) plugin is for Ad server to display ads from Adexchange. It could be viewed in Display, Mobile and Video platform with the IAB Standards.


A supply-side platform or sell-side platform (SSP) is a technology platform with the single mission of enabling publishers to manage their advertising impression inventory and maximize revenue from digital media.

A supply side platform or SSP is one of the emerging technologies that more and more publishers are using to make the most of their advertising space.

While supply side platforms may be offered by companies specializing in this type of service but they are more often part of a wide range of inventory management related services. A good example of this is Admeld, which is part of Google’s Doubleclick Ad Exchange. Other companies that offer this type of platform include Revive Adserver and Pubmatic

Basic open rtb ecosystem:

Sell side functional flow diagram:

We can integrate “N” of exchanges through our supply side plugin.

Application of Supply side platform

SSP is a technological platform that allows publishers to access programmatic selling on ad exchanges and to optimize ad revenues and ad selling costs. By using a supply side platform to represent their inventory on an ad exchange, publishers are able to sell their impressions to the highest bidder, and access thousands of new advertisers that might not ever buy from the publisher directly.

Main Benefits of using a Supply Side Platforms

In terms of network demand, Supply Side Platforms provide a programmatic way to deal with ever-changing network fill rates and yields. For example, many publisher have a variety of ad network buying their inventory, but are in a situation where one network will pay a $2.00 CPM but only fill 20% of the time, another network will pay $1.00 CPM and fill 70% of the time, and a final network that will only pay $0.50 but fill 100% of the time.

In addition to helping publishers get as much revenue as possible for their available space, supply side platforms and also helps to make the process fast and efficient. Rather than having to seek out advertisers, publishers can rely on these platforms to do this for them. This helps them to avoid having vacant space or unsold inventory on their sites.

From the advertiser’s point of view, SSPs are also efficient and beneficial. Advertisers, through real time bidding can choose how much they are willing to pay to get their ad in front of a highly targeted audience. Pricing is completely transparent, and they can often get better results than they could use traditional display advertising methods.

Supply side platforms, like all types of technology related to online advertising, is getting more sophisticated all the time. They now provide thorough analytics regarding campaign yields and other vital metrics. Publishers can use this data to create content that allows them to increase their ad revenues in the future.

Specific benefits of OpenRTB

  • Higher CPMs for publishers, since bidders will have accurate pre-filters.
  • More accurate and cost efficient bidding for buyers.
  • Better enforcement of publisher and advertiser restrictions, due to a common way of specifying them.
  • Easier integration of DSPs with SSPs, since one you have set up OpenRTB once, the cost of setting up a new connection is trivial.

Ad Formats

It Support Display, Mobile and Video ad platform

Note:-All ad formats supported based on the integrated ad-exchange.


  • Connect Multiple RTB Buyers into Ad Server
  • Plugin follow IAB open RTB standard version 2.1
  • It will support RTB bidding methodology with First Bid Auction / Second Bid Auction
  • Synchronize between Ad server and RTB Buyers with win notification
  • Separate report pages for tracking requests and responses between Ad Server and RTB Buyers
  • It Support Display, Mobile and Video ad platform
  • Fully object orientied supported


  • Impression Object
  • Banner Object
  • Site Object
  • App Object
  • Content Object
  • Device Object
  • User Object
  • Publisher Object
  • Producer Object
  • Geo Object
  • Data Object
  • Segment Object
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