dJAX Premium Display Adserver

dJAX Premium Display Adserver is a ad serving solution that massively boosts your online ad serving performance. The solution is crafted in a way that provides high responsive to your Adserver requirements. Administrator can now manage multiple user accounts simultaneously from a single login. dJAX Premium Display Adserver has been engineered with an innovative Real time tracking technology that lets the administrator to evaluate the overall campaign performance in real time. The platform is streamlined with pre-integrated targeting features that make your ad to reach the right people and drives relevant traffic to your ads.

dJAX Premium Display Adserver allows the advertiser and Publisher to independently manage and optimize their Inventory.

Platform Reporting

  • Platform Reporting is a tool that provides transparency report about the statistical data and helps in analyzing and optimizing the overall network performance.
  • The Platform Reporting tool helps in monetizing your ad inventory.
  • The customized statistical report table consists of conversion metrics, filters and group by options.
  • Administrator can check the network performance for the selected date range and can generate the report more precisely with the help of filter. The filter function enhances the reporting tool and it provides a convenient and dynamic way to view the data in real time.
  • The report lets the administrator to view the statistical information of the selected advertiser, publisher, campaign, creative and zones on the basis of their conceptualization.

Inventory Management

dJAX Premium Display Adserver has a trailblazing and highly scalable inventory management system for managing both advertiser and publisher.

  • Lists the advertiser, campaigns, campaign type, payment type and the amount paid/spend, banner and their size.
  • Lists the publisher, zones, and their earnings,site name, site URL, zone specifications.
  • Continuously updates the information and reacts quickly to the changes.
  • Precisely describes all the essential data of advertisers and publishers in a single table.

Manual Linking

The Manual Linking feature lets you to link the creative to the available and relevant zones although the server engine does this task automatically, administrator or an advertiser can able to link manually to any available zone.

  • Lets you to choose the best and relevant zones for their campaign.
  • Banners can be linked o multiple zones unlimitedly.
  • List out all the available zones that matches the banner parameter.
  • Reduces the risk involved in choosing the irrelevant zones in manual linking.

Optimized Database

A well optimized database is a major factor that empowers your network performance; our optimized data base has the capability to handle 10 million impressions per day. The data base is designed to handle high volume ad traffic and also crash- and attack-resistant.

Custom Size Creative

Our Premium Display Adserver supports variety of dJAX ad units and also of IAB standards sizes. Apart from these administrator or advertiser can serve banner of any size in a zone.

  • Flexibility to support ad unit of any size
  • Create your own personalized banners for your campaign.
  • By customizing your ad unit, the creative will be unique based on the specifications.

Fraud Clicks Detection

  • Analyze all possible fraud clicks and saves your time and money.
  • The platform is integrated with advanced technology that lets you identify the click fraud occurrence in your online campaign and helps in eliminating fraud click logging.
  • The solution is well executed with real time filter that continually filters out invalid clicks.
  • Statistic report that contains Fraud Statistics, Valid Click Statistics, Penalty point (Publisher).
  • Statistic report that holds the every detail about a click like country IP, URL for specify time duration.
  • Customized threshold value and warning messages.

Revenue Reporting System

  • Detailed revenue report that contains information about every individual advertiser and publisher transaction.
  • Analyze the payment/revenue and gives a quick overview about the amount spend, amount paid by the advertiser and amount paid to the publishers.
  • Now, it's possible to analyze your overall revenue over a time period.

Geo Targeting

When it comes to online advertising the main goal of your campaign will be in reaching the right customer.

  • Reach people who are most likely become your customers.
  • Reach clients who are in your business locality.

Demographic Targeting

Demographic Targeting lets you to reach the right audience and helps in getting valid ad traffic to your campaign.

  • Target every individual users by their age, gender, and profile.
  • Delivers your banner to relevant user.
  • Increases the conversion rate in real time.
  • Precisely focus the user for your campaign.
  • The targeting attributes can be customized to the needs.

Frequency Capping

Frequency capping avoids serving the same ad to the same user.

  • Avoids unwanted impression logging to your account.
  • Helps in paying only for every valid conversion.
  • Customize your banner delivery limitation and maximize your revenue.
  • Get control over ad delivery.
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