dJAX Mobile and Video Adserver

In this digital media world, online marketing is growing at a very high pace and if you are an online media company you got to be competing with the market to build up your business for which you will need to have a one stop complete solution for all your needs. dJAX Mobile and Video Adserver is designed to provide a gateway for all the Media companies to run an Online advertising business with an independent Ad Network. Cross platform support is one of the core features of this package as it helps you to manage & deliver ads on Video,& Mobile devices through a single ad server. It is integrated with all core targeting features, Template engine, Delivery capping & Real Time Bidding. Using this enterprise package, you can create video/mobile Ad networks that can brand advertisers and can make a global marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital advertising

It helps advertisers and publishers to independently manage and optimize their inventory. It provides a user-friendly interface for all the users. Advertisers can purchase their inventory as per their convenience as it supports PayPal, Check Transfer, Wire Transfer, Credit card payments, etc. It comes up with an upcoming technology, the Real time bidding which enables both the advertisers & publishers to multiply their revenue.

Video, Mobile Ad Support

This package is designed to support all IAB standard ad formats in all types of media like video & mobile. It will be very much beneficial for the advertisers who target all types of medium to advertise their product and for the publishers who have versatile requests from advertisers.

Real Time Bidding

This optimization technology helps advertisers both advertisers and publishers targeting users dynamically and which benefits advertisers in paying only for the valuable users and earn more revenue. Publishers earn more through highest paying advertisers.

Dynamic Alert System

This product is equipped with a dynamic alert system which will help in prompting both advertisers and publishers on the happenings within the network. This in addition gives them an opportunity to take decisions based on the market in a real time scenario and also acts as an instant communicator within the ad network

Re Targeting

It is an advanced feature where the behaviour of internet users is recorded. Using this information, our djax Mobile and Video Adserver selects the most relevant ad for the visitor and also helps in recording the customers frequent time visits.

Reliable Security Management System

This package is integrated with security management system which analyses all possible fraud clicks and saves your time and money. You can customize it based on your requirement and it will act accordingly to detect the frauds and make you run the business independently without any breakups.

Template Engine Support

Users can choose their own template with the available library or we can instantly work out template based on user requirement. This will benefit the user to customize their screens based on line of business.

Real Time Targeting

Nowadays business needs are growing high as the market changes now and then, so we will need to be inline with the market to sustain / compete, which primarily requires everything to be real time.

Reporting & Analytics

We can measure the web traffic to improve the performances and effectiveness of the websites. Serves as a complete tracking system which assists you in tracking purchase behaviours, browsing habits, traffic flow and so on. Available with all types of user friendly reports.

Reliable Payment System

Advertiser is provided with both Prepaid and Post paid payment options which would help in planning their budget. Easy environment for both advertisers to add their fund, handling spends, etc. Publishers are provided with a user friendly UI to track their commission payouts and so on.

Ad Formats

    Rich Media Image ad:

    Rich Media Image ads include text, images and animation with a link to the website. You can customize your layouts and background colors. Benefits are cost effective, easy to create & catch audience attention easily.

    Text ads:

    Text ads typically contain words which includes a link to the website along with a description or promotion of your product or service. Benefits of using text ads are cost effective, search engine friendly, etc.

    Mobile ads:

    Mobile ads include Full page index, Adhesion Banner, Mobile Pull ad, Filmstrip Banner ad and Text ads in all range of mobile devices.

    Tablet ads:

    Mobile Filmstrip is a scrolling multi-panel ad experience designed to provide a content-rich and interactive canvas for storytelling with consistent behaviors that keep the viewer firmly in control.

dJAX Mobile and Video Adserver$ 14000.00