dJAX Contextual Targeting for Revive Adserver

Online ad model seeks placement only on web pages that feature content relevant to the advertised goods and services. Contextual targeting is a form of targeting that the ad servers use to target a user for showing ad units based on the context of the page they are viewing. This means that if the user is viewing a page with sports content on it, the ad that will be displayed on that page will be sports related.

dJAX Contextual Targeting for Revive Adserver

We provide the highly beneficial type of targeting to Revive Adserver. This will helps the advertiser to display their ads only to the pages which is relevant to their Ads. Usually the meta keyword will contains all the related keywords related to the site. Banner is targeting to the web page based on the targeting segments which is present on the ″META Keywords″ tag.

Advertiser can make sure that the Ads are displaying only in the right web pages and also to the intended audience. The banner will only display on the webpage, if the META Keyword of the web pages matches with the keyword set for the banners assigned by the advertiser to that banner.

For example, If the Advertiser creates the banner and assigns the keyword “sports” then the banner will be displayed only in the web pages whose meta keyword list contain keyword “sports”.

Functionality Flow
Advantages of Contextual Targeting

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