dJAX Re-Targeting for Revive Adserver

Importance of the Re-Targeting:

Connecting businesses with their past website visitors so there is an increased likelihood of a completed transaction. Online consumers do homework before making a purchase. Even if they are interested in your products, they will likely take some time to think about the purchase or shop around before closing the deal. With a retargeting strategy, you can expose that consumer to specific ads as they surf and shop outside the walls of your site. For products with a longer purchase cycle, retargeting leverages sequential advertising to reinforce your message as the consumer goes through the research and consideration process prior to completing a purchase.

High Revenue

The value of retargeting is high and campaigns are even more cost effective because they require fewer impressions to produce significantly higher response rates. The greatest benefit of retargeting is its ability to build and retain customer interest during the consideration phase. Online consumers rarely click and make an immediate purchase. Retargeting is the most effective way to prevent your offer from losing steam during this consideration phase.

Strategies of Re-targeting:

The retargeting strategies were particularly beneficial in the context of replication-competent Ad. To retarget a visitor, advertising networks need to identify which visitors have already expressed the marketer-specified interest. A common method of capturing this interest is placing a retargeting tag on particular pages of the marketerís web site.

Creative retargeting:

Creative retargeting, one of the best method of retargeting, is the placement of the retargeting tag within online media that appears on a web site other than the marketerís own site. A cookie can then be placed in the browserís cache of a visitor who is served Flash creative or clicks on a standard banner that will identify that person when visiting other sites within the advertising network at a later time. Also known as fourth-party tagging, marketers can use creative running on expensive contextual sites to enable them to reach these same visitors again with future messages.

Retargeting: When to Use It

Retargeting tends to outperform all other targeting options available to online marketers as the visitors targeted are already engaged with the marketerís brand by the time they are served an ad. Retargeting can also be combined with other forms of targeting such as geographic targeting. For many businesses serving specific geographic regions, this enables them to reach interested visitors to whom they can ship their product.

We at have implemented Re-Targeting Technique for the revive adserver. You can target the banners (Creative Re-targeting) in the revive adserver to the interested users to achieve more conversions rate.

dJAX Re-Targeting $ 800.00