Revive Adserver - Roundcube Package

Our Revive Adserver - Roundcube Package facilitates you to earn through the email. If you want to send the Advertisements through the mail. We can use the roundcube webmail for the purpose.

If you have 1000's of user under your domain, and if the users are using the roundcube webmail for send and receive the mails, we have the best chance for you to earn from the each and every mail that your user sends.

Install Revive Adserver and customize for E-mail or Newsletter type of zone.

Installing Roundcube for the single domain support

Admin Section for multiple domain registration

In this case if you have a multiple domain supported roundcube, any of the domain holders can register with you and the users(mails) under that domain can login to your roundcube and they can send or receive the mail through your roundcube. If the admin of the domain "" registers with you, they can have the publisher account in your revive adserver, he can generate the Ad tag from the revive adserver and place in the zones. The ads will be send through the mail, when any of the user with the Email "" logs in to your domain and send a mail to some one. By this way the Domain owner in turn can earn for the Ads that are placed in the sent mails of their users.

Apart from the default functionality, We do customize the revive adserver and roundcube according to your requirement. For queries and more details regarding the integration you can contact us.