VAST Video Plugin for Revive

VAST adds critical functionality that opens up the in-stream digital video advertising marketplace, reducing expensive technical barriers and encouraging advertisers to increase video ad spend. As online video content publishing has become more common, video publishers have sought to monetize their content with in-stream video advertising.

The IAB’s Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) specification is a universal XML schema for serving ads to digital video players, and describes expected video player behavior when executing VAST formatted ad responses.

Makes Revive Adserver fully compliant with the VAST 1.0/VAST2.0 And VAST 3.0 (Video Ad Serving Template) protocol defined by the IAB.

Revive Adserver VAST Compliance with following Format:

Linear ads

Linear ads typically served as video, but may also include static images, that play for a set duration at linear points along the timeline of the content video. They may play before the content video starts (pre-­roll), at a break during the content video (mid-­roll), or after the content video (post-­roll).

Nonlinear Ads

Usually an image ad (also called an Overlay), nonlinear ads are displayed on top of the content video concurrently with video playback. Nonlinear ads usually cover the top or bottom fifth of the content video and are typically text or static images that display for about 10-20 seconds.

Companion Ads

Companion ads are served with Linear or NonLinear ads, but are displayed outside the video player. They can serve as a leave-behind on the page after the video ad has ended and enable a more engaging experience for the user. A Companion Ad is commonly displayed as a standard banner or rich media ad, but can also be a skin that wraps the video ad experience.

Video Ad Pods

Ad Pods is a delivery of a set of sequential Linear ads. Ad Pods can play before, during a break in, or after the content video plays and function like a TV commercial break with multiple ad spots.

A Pod of ads is intended to be played in sequence and in its entirety. In this format, a VAST response can contain only one Ad Pod. Standalone ads can be considered part of an “ad buffet” from which a video player can choose as many or as few ads as needed in a given circumstance. Standalone ads may be provided as a secondary choice when a particular Ad in the Pod cannot play.

Wrapper Ads

Capable of displaying third-party video ads for all vast versions. VAST, a Wrapper is a response that provides a URI that the video player uses to call a secondary VAST response. The secondary response may be either another Wrapper or a VAST InLine response.

Skippable Linear Ads

An optional ad serving model for ads that viewers can skip enables publishers to support a business model in which publishers and advertisers can negotiate billing based onads that play all the way through.

VAST Video Plugin for Revive $ 2500.00
$ 2000.00