Mobile Video Plugin - Inline Pre-Roll Ad format

Mobile Video Plugin-Inline Pre-Roll Ad format is a plugin used to deliver the Inline pre-roll video ad formats on mobile platforms. A pre-roll ad often increases the attention of the user in online video advertising. This plugin lets you to display your brand story before the original video content gets played.

This plugin display the video ad, when a user hovers the mouse over highlighted (hyper linked) text in the webpage. The highlighted text (hyper linked) acts as a trigger in displaying the Inline Pre-Roll video ad.

These kind of video ads are an intuitive medium for advertisers when compared with the rich media mobile ads that have complex possibilities of touchable, Rotatable, or shakable ads.

The plugin helps in delivery your brand message in a story telling format within 15- or 30-seconds and also delivers the video ads on handset devices.

Advertiser now can display the video ads without any additional plugins like Flash Player, JW player and so on. The plugin is compatible with all major mobile operating system such as Android, IOS and Windows etc.


In order to use this MobileVideo Plugin- Inline Pre-Roll Ad format to deliver video ads on mobile, Our "Video Ads Plugin" has to be integrated.

Special Features

  • It supports MP4, webM & ogg video formats.
  • It supports for all mobile web browsers.
  • Auto play option is available in all mobile web browsers.

Mobile Video Plugin - Inline Pre-Roll Ad format $ 500.00